Ladies Get-Away

A Weekend In Porterville

Escape the hustle and bustle with a rejuvenating weekend designed exclusively for women.  Accommodation is available at a former family-owned farmhouse located 9km from Porterville. This secluded house provides a tranquil and private setting.

Moments Captured

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The Experience


The house is spacious with a large cosy farm kitchen and living area, along with a large outside/indoor braai. A swimming pool for the hot summer days.  Minimum 10 guests, can sleep up to 15 guests.


We can offer a variety of activities.  A wine and food pairing in the vineyards on a private farm on the foot of the Olifants mountain.  Pottery class (can only take up to 10 guests).  A delicious cooking class can be arranged at your accommodation.  You can end your weekend on a relaxed note with a pilates or yoga class on the grass at the farmhouse.  


The cost will depend on how many guests and your activities. Please contact us for a quote. 

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